Always remembered, never forgotten?

“I don’t spend a lot of time psychoanalyzing myself. I just know that when you’re the leader of an organization, you’ve got to be resolute, compassionate, and you’ve got to know what you need to do. And I knew what we needed to do. I knew we needed to use all resources of our government to defend the American people.”
George W. Bush 9.11.2011. 

This past Sunday marked the ten year anniversary of the tragedy our nation faced on September 11th, 2001. Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and much more all re-covered this day. Many of us felt sad as we watched those documentaries and remembered what we lived just yesterday. That day is a day that will always be remembered and never forgotten, or will it?

While I was re-capping things that happened on that day, month, and years later I began to wonder. Will our country always share such a significant tie to that day? Will we always hold memorial services and spend weeks writing stories about then and now? Will we always spend our day watching documentaries?

I feel like now we are still in shock and its’ effects are still so new to us that months and even years down the road it may just fall into the list of history in the history book that happened to our country. Take the Kennedy assasination for instance. At the time it happened the news was world wide. It hit every local news stand and radio wave it could hit. That was such a tragic day. Our president, our fellow friend, was killed. My question is..where is his day? Where is the day that is the only talk of the mouth? I know you can find documentaries on the History Channel on the day of his death, however, it’s not featured on the local news. It’s not blown out on practically every magazine cover or radio station. You can also pick up history book or visit your local library to find out about it. But what if you asked many of elementary school children about President Kennedy. Could they tell you who he was, when he died, or how it effected our nation? My awnser is no. It’s been jaded and faded. I believe with time everything fades. I know that the Kennedy assasination is no act of terrorisim but it rumpled our nation. We weren’t expecting anything like that to once happen. It made it’s mark. Where is its’ significance?

I’m not bashing 9/11 by any means. In fact, I lived it, I remember it. I recall sitting in my school chair at my private school wondering what this meant for our nation. I was so young that I had no idea what was happening other than the fact it was bad. I remember my mother pulling me out of school and crying the whole drive home. My father even came home from work that day. We spent the whole rest of the night watching the news and spending time as a family not knowing what awaited us next. I know this day changed us, the United States of America as whole. My point is though, with the new generations growing up..will it be forgotten just like many other parts of history? The famous quote we always say to remember this day is that “it will always be remembered and never forgotten.” In all reality though, given the facts, will it?


3 responses to “Always remembered, never forgotten?

  1. Really deep thoughts! I like how you use the quote in the beginning and also the question in the end. Probably a question nobody can answer nowadays but I´m also curious what it´s going to be like in the future..On the other hand, 10 years os already a long time and it is still a striking topic in the news. Is it just because it happened exactly 10 years ago now? I think to get an answer we have to wait lots of more years..

  2. That was a really interesting take on the event. I am not really sure how I feel about it. Yes, there are many tragedies that just are written down in our books and skimmed over, hardly mentioned. I kind of have the feeling that our generation will never, ever forget that day, just as is the case with the previous generation marking Kennedy’s assassination. There are different event that rock our country that impact different generations. No, I don’t believe that day will ever be forgotten. I do however feel like over the next fifty years, there will be more attacks that will stick out in future generations minds.

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