Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 anyone?

As we hit the new century Web 2.0 was then introduced to us. For those who don’t know what “Web 2.0” is, here we go, i’ll tell you. According to my Inside Reporting book Web 2.0 is “the fully interactive and collaborative medium with social networking, interactive games, and user-created content like wiki, blogs, and podcasts.”  Web 2.0 is so much different from the original 1.0 and took us to a whole new world. For some of us, it was a world we had no idea how to handle. It was a world that ended up changing our nation, our jobs, and our everything as a whole. As that hit, some of us thrived and became millionaires. Some of derived and became broke. As we once categorised the regular “nerd”, they then became the new it person. They were able to manipulate the internet or computer and that’s how they got so far in life. Web 2.0 didn’t just change our internet ways it changed us all as people.

I feel like every time I log onto the computer or internet something is changing. Take Facebook for instance. They once introduced the Facebook chat. It was what us college students once new as the original AIM. It allowed your friends and yourself to interact with each other via chat whether you are on the computer or on the go. It gave communication a new meaning besides the normal phone call or text message. However, it felt like a few months later they were already changing it around making it faster and better. My thought was, wasn’t it working and running well before? The answer was, yes, it was. It was perfect the way it was. But, it had to keep up with competition. It didn’t matter what the idea was as long as it looked or worked better than someone else’s.

I feel like the whole entire world now spends its’ whole lifetime competing. Day in and day out they don’t care on how they end up getting somewhere, they just care on if it’s better than someone elses. They also care on how much money they can make from it. I am disgusted to know how self-centered our world is. I wonder will we ever strive away from this or will we grow even closer to a more self-centered nation?

As much as I love Web 2.0, I hate it. I guess you can call it a love-hate relationship. I do spend countless hours using the computer and the Web but most of the time, but I do wonder why I even bother. I’ve never been one to keep up with the world’s fads. I’ve been one to walk outside the crowd. However, I feel with Web 2.0 there is no way in avoiding it. It is our world, and I am an individual living in it.

As the world advanced, as well as the web it granted us many more jobs and options. However, I feel like it came at a huge price. A price I don’t believe was worth it. You log onto the computer and find out what is happening to the latest celebs, but is it worth it? Is exploiting someone’s privacy worth it? What happened to privacy overall in general anyway? Once Web 2.0 hit everything was fair game for everyone to see. I feel like there is no longer a word called “privacy.” I don’t think that is right.

As we once advanced to Web 2.0, will we ever hit a Web 3.0 and beyond? Will it be worse than it is now? All I can say is my thoughts and prayers go out to those who await the future of Web 3.0. I have no idea what that future holds. Last time I checked I couldn’t tell the future. I do know that I am scared for a Web 3.0 and beyond.

I wish it would just go back to the way things were before.

Will the web ever hit rock bottom and result back to its’ old safe ways?
Who knows, I guess all I can say and do is hold on tight.


2 responses to “Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 anyone?

  1. I suppose it is a love-hate relationship. However, those who do become celebrities must realize there is a price to pay. Many “normal” individuals mess up everyday, but when celebs do we notice it tenfold. Did you ever consider that those celebrities enjoy the gossip? As long as they are a hot topic, good or bad, they continue to make money.

    • They make money due to their talent. I’m not saying their scandals don’t cause them to gain more. However, it’s not always them exploiting themselves. My point is..should celebrities be able to enjoy their job without having to worry about whose watching their every move. Why is our society so obsessed with THEIR business.

      Also, celebrities ARE people. They aren’t the only ones that just enjoy gossip. I can say I know countless of girls and guys who still strive for it.

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