6 Newsworthy Values.

In my Intro to Journalism class on 09/27/2011 my teacher, Jill, talked about the six newsworthy values. She assigned us a blog to go with them. At first when I heard the assignment I was leary because it sounded like way to much work. I also thought that the articles she had asked us to find where going to be hidden. Fact is, it wasn’t and they weren’t. That being said, here are my newsworthy sharings.

Proximity is where an event occurs and why it is important.

Cardinals Win Wild Card.
The Cardinals played last night 09/28/2011 in the Wild Card shot against the Braves for a shot at the playoffs. They defeated the Braves and will join against the Phillies in the playoffs. I found this article not only interesting but a great example of proximity. This article was written by KMOV 4 NEWS, a local news station in St. Louis. It was written in the right place for the right audience. Those St. Louis readers will find great joy when they read this article and find their home-team scored a great victory. Those living in other cities wouldn’t have an relevence to this story.

Timeliness is when this event happened and if it was recent?

Strong Earthquake in Japan.
Today, 9/29/2011, a strong earthquake shuck Northeastern Japan. No damage was reported but there was a reported magnitude of 5.6. This is the area that was effected only six months ago by a devastating tsumanmi. This article was posted minutes after the earthquake was confirmed and occured. This is a great example of timeliness because it let its’ viewers be aware of what just happened that morning. This story can also fall into proximity because its’ readers and the people living in Northeastern Japan are just now starting to recover from a tragic event.


Impact is who cares about the story and why?

10 College that Lead to Graduate Schools.
This article talks about the top ten colleges that will lead students on their way to a masters or higher degree. This article is great for those high school and college students making future academic and career plans. It impacts only them because normal everyday people who have already graduated aren’t looking for great schools. That it is why it a great example of an impact value because of the certain audience it is breaking out too.

Prominence is if the story is newsworthy because the person is in the public eye.

Beckham delighted with new daughter.
This article talks about how David Beckham, soccer star, is so happy with his 3 month old daughter. This is a great example of prominence because David’s fans want to know how his life is going. This story would not be relevent if David wasn’t famous. The audience could care-less about how happy someone is with their new baby.

Human Interest/Unusual Stories.

Human interest and unusual stories are stories with no impact on someone’s life but are found interesting.

Cat with two faces.
This article talks about an unusual type of cat that exists. It consists of two faces. A lady was interviewed about her cat. This is a great example of unusual stories and human interest because of the great visual and title they used. Not everyday do you see a cat with two faces. It catches the audience because it’s different and something we are not used to seeing.


Conflict is a disagreement of one side against the other.

Chris Christie’s presidency run.
This article is an opossing view on Senator Chris Christie’s campaign. The writer talks about people having their doubts on Christie’s run on presidency. However, he backs the article up with facts on how Christie is ready for this election run. This is a great example of conflict because he lays on the table boths sides, as well as backing them up with facts.

Blogger’s note: I very much enjoyed this assignment. It’s amazing to look at articles and know they have a reason and specific value or people they are trying to address.


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