Save the drama for your mama.

As I understand from my professor Jill and my classmates, I missed out on a very exciting class last week. The subject was an inforgraphic. Jill said the students were asked to look at newspapers and label the different findings and parts of the newspaper. One being an infographic. When this was done a conflict arrised on whether an infographic was actually an inforgraphic. Jill managed to say that there were different definitons to the infographic and here is my say.

First without making an assumption to anything I must have found out what an infographic really is. According to‘s Encyclopedia an infographic is: “An umbrella term for illustrations and charts that instruct people, which otherwise would be difficult or impossible with only text. Infographics are used worldwide in every discipline from road maps and street signs to the many technical drawings in this encyclopedia.” From reading this definition I believe that an infographic can be any sort of illistation that sums up information in a graphic form. I feel that I see infographics all the time without realizing it.

For example: Say you’ve never made popcorn before. You take a look at the bag and you see not only some text telling you what to do but a picture of the motions. You can pretty much sum up what to do just by that picture. You honestly don’t even have to read the text. I believe that is an infographic. It’s telling you the information without the actual text. However, you still have the text to know what to do.

I do believe there are different defintions to the word “infographic.” Communication Nation‘s for instance. They say what they believe an infographic is but they also leave a place for people to leave their comments and thoughts. I thought this was a great defintion. They gave their thoughts but they are not narrowing it down to just specifics. That is where I believe my class had trouble. They were all focused on their definition and weren’t able to see that there could be many more out there.

It amazed me how so many people were able to argue about an infographic. Let alone have so much power to do so. Let’s just say not being in class, I found my twitter feed very amusing.

Madeleine Heppermann
meh2619  Never a dull moment in #COM135!
Lauren Skinner
LaurenMoonpie Harsh things coming from the back corner of the room #COM135
Taylor Eudy
TaylorEudy It’s a friggin infographic. Damn. #COM135
Lauren Skinner
LaurenMoonpie Heated conversation! #COM135
29 Sep
Jonathan Garrison
pabogamer @lujournalism #COM135 infographics will be the death of us
Amanda Young
2inchesOfIvory So much drama in #COM135

I know we are different people and have many different opposing opinions. However, isn’t there a certain point where you stop voicing your opinions because it’s hurting others? Or what about taking away from a lesson the professor planned? I know in Journalism you’re bound to upset someone but it always has a benefit in  mind that can help someone else. You’re also bound to have arguments. However, I feel as if in the case of the infographic no point was made. From my understanding people were arguing for no reason. Yes, I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We do live in the century of Web 2.0 though, next time use your surroundings – blog about it. That is all.


One response to “Save the drama for your mama.

  1. Maannnn out of all the classes for both of us to miss!! Haha sounds like it was a good one. But I’m glad I read your blog because I had no idea what an infographic was but I think it’s kind of like when you are trying to put together a piece of furniture. Those things are always written so poorly and just confuse everyone. But the pictures make it so much more clear! That’s what I think an infographic is. Hopefully it won’t be on the test in case we’re both wrong haha.

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