It’s a dog eat dog world.

In Jill’s class on Tuesday we were asked to split into groups and do an activity. The activity was to look up local news websites and compare their online looks to their mobile apps. My group was asked to look at KMOV 4 and compare the differences between the two.

My group found that the website was filled with everything you would want to find. The news was clear and precise to get to and the tabs were easily directed. You could also go back to previous dates and search old news. The site was then viewed on Abby’s iPhone from Safari. The site seemed mostly the same except some of the “Top Stories” were not all viewable from the main page. You could click on tabs and then find it, but it wasn’t found directly on the main page. You could also find the Weather and Sports by viewing online from the iPhone aswell. However, the application was another story. The application that was downloadable for any smart phone was what I like to call a “hot mess.” The only thing featured was the 7 “Top Stories.” It was not interactive what so ever. Yes, you could view a small picture that related to the story. That was pretty much the only thing though. There was no place for one to even comment or make a remark back. To me it seemed like a rough draft sent out for people to check and view.The weather on the app though was very helpful and precise. You could view the seven-day forecast, the radar, the current midwest conditions, and much more. I was very pleased by the weather part of the app. However, I didn’t like that it was smushed into a corner and you could barely see it even if you had reading glasses on.

What I don’t understand is..they cover stories about how Web 2.0 has taken this society by a windstorm, however, they themselves fail to keep up with it. KMOV is one of the more popular news stations out there. Maybe not as big as Fox 2 and KSDK, but it is big and known. You’d think that they would want their viewers to have all the sources of news that they could have. Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t that bring them more revenue? Wouldn’t they want to become the number one spot? I know these are questions that they should be answering. However, they sure don’t seem like they care enough about it to make a change. I know before this activity I had downloaded the app on my blackberry and it was still as bad as it was the day we viewed it in class. I had downloaded the app over the summer too! Of course I deleted it after I realized a five-year old could have done better.

My point is, this world is a dog eat dog world. They are obviously getting stepped on because there are better apps out there by competing news stations. Step up your game KMOV. It’s time to get up to date with Web 2.0. You’ve been slacking too long.


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