To the future and beyond

When starting upon my first blog post of the semester, I wasn’t expecting to choose the first article I pulled up. I stumbled upon this article on how a new application called the “Vine” can become useful to journalists. I found it interesting because this was the first time that I heard about this application. The “Vine” allows downloaders to create, post and share 6 seconds worth of video.

Remain curious, it will take you everywhere.

Remain curious, it will take you everywhere.

According to 10,000 words, this application helps journalists document clips and inform viewers quickly through it’s sharing capability. As this application is new, it doesn’t seem though that  journalists are using this application to its full potential. Other than the video of the dolphin stuck in a canal posted by NBC, the Vine is being used more for tours around the newsroom.

I downloaded the application to test out the hype myself. I was surprised when I created my first video, to only find out that it isn’t just a continuous record of images, you have control of the speed and what you wish to record. I was impressed with the application itself and understand why journalists could find this useful. However I think 10,000 words had it wrong when they implied it was only useful to journalists.

Journalists aren’t always capable of catching exact instances when they are initially happening. Most of the time it’s by the bystanders who have the whole re-collection of the event happening. With technology always advancing and the worlds curious mind, I think this application is just another source that WILL HELP journalists interact with viewers by the use of  their captures. How many times do you see Youtube videos used on news programs because bystanders were able to capture the event while it was happening?

Although captures of newsrooms and everyday life is nice, it’s the unexpected that really leaves us with the thrill. I believe it’s the un-journalistic minds that will help this application lead up to its full potential. Leaving those journalists to their job, as they entice their viewers in on the big story.

Social media isn’t just useful for journalists, it’s useful for everyone. It’s the content that ties us all together.

The second article I found was just as interesting as the first. Except this one, I learned that I shouldn’t worry because I know this is where my heart is at. As I finish through my first week of super semester and panic attacks have just become a norm with the amount of work I’m up against, I learn that this will only help me in the long run. I’ve always been a planner and however my spontaneous personality has always conquered, it never has been able to fit in with my work ethic.

Be the best journalist you can be.

Be the best journalist you can be.

The world of journalism is so spontaneous and that is what thrills me. However, having no control of over shooting, writing and editing time really does scare the living life out of me. I have a set agenda everyday and you best believe that is how I follow.

The article on how journalists can conquer editing fast did give me reassurance for this semester and my future itself. I was starting to become convinced that there was no such thing as preperation. However, Anne Herbst shared her story on Advancing the Story stating to those pre-planners like myself, that we will be able to use our skills only as a help through the field of journalism.

Here are some of the key facts from the article that I found that  journalists should be aware through this enticing field:
  1. If you have a smart phone, use it to its full potential.
  2.  Take video equipment out and learn how to do it yourself. Don’t rely on someone else to do it for you.
  3. Frame your interviews differently, so when it’s time to edit, you can cut back and forth between.
  4. Be a “people person” and always ask what is going on.
  5. While doing a planned story, hand out your business card. You have no idea what the future holds and that person may call you up with a great story later on that you had no idea about.
  6. Take care of yourself, the industry really can drag you in and kill your character. It’s keeping yourself sane that will conquer through it all.

As I continue on unto my second week of super semester next Monday, I can only be overthrilled at the unexpected ahead of me. There will be ups and downs, but at the end of the day…it will all work out just fine.


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