Two weeks down, the future ahead…

This week marks the second week of the infamous Super Semester and I’m loving every second of it. I never thought I’d love a semester more than my first, freshman year, but I think it’s been fully replaced. I’ve always been a planner and even though things haven’t gone as smoothly sailed as I would like, everything has turned out to be more than I have ever imagined.

Alex Ferrario and myself on the anchor desk, as we conquered our first time this semester.

Alex Ferrario and myself on the anchor desk, as we conquered through our first time anchoring this semester. Giggles and all.

Alex Ferrario and I anchored our first newscast on February 4th…needless to say it was nothing more than a fun time and a bunch of giggles. Although, it was my first anchoring performance, I did a lot better than I gave myself credit. I’ve been live on air before doing sports and weather, however, I’ve never had that time to be the star of the show. That being my first time, I let my jitters get the best of me. The biggest thing that I learned from that overall experience was to not let your mishaps or stumbles take you over, you continue to focus on that and you’ll keep continuing to mess up. I’ve always been the type of person to be super hard on myself, so after the newscast was over, I wasn’t exactly pleased. I let my frustration take me over for the rest of the night until I watched the newscast later that evening at 6:30. While watching, I critiqued myself so I will only do better next time. Here are my thoughts…

1. Don’t giggle when I stumble or mess up a story, stay calm.
2. Don’t let the nerves get the best of you. I know I’m capable, I must show them.
3. Make sure to keep my eye on the correct camera till the other anchor starts talking.
4. Wear more jewelry.
5. Make sure I keep hairspray handy  to conquer those nasty fly aways.
6. When I mess up, move past it. Conquer the next story like nothing ever happened.
7. Show more emotion.
8. Don’t get up in the middle of a newscast like Alex.

After watching, I discovered I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. After all, I can only get better from here. I’ll be able to put those useful skills I’ve learned to use again on Sibley Day. I’m so honored to be the anchor with Brett McMillan that day. Despite not having an actual day off like the others, it will only help me in the long run. I’m sure I’ll have a blast as well.

Along with anchoring my first time, I completed my first package and it aired the same exact day. The day was chaotic, script writing was harder than I thought and recording your voice is probably the most awkward thing I’ve done, but I’m so pleased on how it turned out for my first time. Although being a reporter, it’s hard to not show a bias, but I was so happy to cover something that pertained to the excellence of my school. Not only did I learn the ins and outs of a package, I learned the significance of the university and I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m happy that I jumped the gun to conquer my first package. There are many things I’ve learned now that I would change for the future, but there is always a first for everything.

I’ve learned so much these past two weeks, the biggest aspect of it all though, I can do anything well if I set my mind to it. My future is bright, but my dreams are so much bigger.


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