5, 4, 3, 2, panic attack…

My first produced show of Super Semester, well it was crazy…here’s why:


Jared in the control room directing my first produced show.

Air date: 2/08/2013

Three biggest stories:
1. Highway 364 re-construction is on the right path.
2. St. Peters to hold watercolor classes.
3. Ground breaking day for Ballpark Village.


Killian, the first time anchor and myself, the producer. I love her.

What went right:
1. Getting things done when it came down to it, even if that meant minutes before the show aired live.
2. Having an awesome group of classmates to help me conquer through.
3. My determination to get everything despite the mishaps.
4. Arrived at 8:30 that morning to work on things. That extra time WAS needed.
5. Fun teases.

What went wrong:
1. Jill wasn’t there to help me through questions. (It’s okay Jill, not your fault. Maria came first. I’m just documenting reasons)
2. Brett went to get video of the 364 expansion and couldn’t because when he arrived he realized there was something wrong with his camera.
3. No one showed up till class time which was 10 o’clock. I was on a 2 hour time budget since news starts at 12:30 on Fridays. Monday and Wednesday producers have the whole day.
4. The day was a crappy, yucky, rainy day.
5. The stories portrayed weren’t very exciting and there were no VO-SOT’s or packages to work with. Besides weather, only one sort of video was used for the watercolor classes.
6. Jared tried to save time and print the scripts and they were printed wrong.

What I’ll do different next time:
1. Now that I’m aware of what to check for, I’ll double check everything before the show starts.
2. Learn how to print the scripts so Jared doesn’t have to and print them wrong with 50,000 sheets of paper being wasted.
3. Not take others advice on what should be kept in the show. It’s my show. I should do and keep what I want.
4. Learn to not be so stressed, it will all work out in the long run.
5. Make sure I have plenty of VO and interesting stories to make the newscast not so dry.

Advice to others:
1. Don’t stress yourself out. It really will work out in the end.
2. Make sure you have all your classmates working. They will lean on you when they have to produce, so be sure to lean on them.
3. Double check every graphic and make your teases interesting.
4. Document all of your experience. It will fun to look back on when the stress is over.
5. When the show is running live, relax, you got through it.


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