Another one bites the dust…

First day of 2013’s Spring Semester was a shell shock when I learned of everything required of me this Super Semester. Though it’s only four weeks in, it’s all been worth it. I’ve never experienced such responsibility in a class before, or the challenge. Each day I learn something new, challenging me to break out of my comfort zone.

Recently, I compiled a VO-SOT on the fight that broke out at St. Charles West High School. I retrieved my interview from Public Information Officer, Erik Lawrenz. This was the first time I had ever interviewed an officer. It was nerve wrecking let me tell you. I jotted down a billion notes to make sure I had enough questions to ask and to make sure I didn’t ask the wrong questions. Despite the title, Officer Lawrenz was a super awesome guy to talk to. He was friendly and asked questions about my major and offered words of wisdom.

Then, was the fact of wanting to be a reporter fully reiterated. I should never be nervous to interview anyone, it’s their words that make the story come together. Being a reporter, the story comes alive. Without connections, your story will go no where.

When interviewing anyone, always maintain a friendly connection. Don’t ever be rude, the interviewees are only making your life easier. Through this one interview, I’ve been able to call upon him and ask questions. Winston Churchill really did have it right when he said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Steve, Brett and myself, the Sibley Day anchor team.

Steve, Brett and myself, the Sibley Day anchor team. I’m learning to love these three shots. They add variety to the beginning of the newscast. We look so official.

Sibley Day was held for the fifth time this year. Through this day, students are excused from classes by faculty in hopes of attending various seminars set up for their different interests.  This was the second time I had a chance to participate in the newscast, first time being an anchor for it though.

I spent the whole day shooting, writing and editing my package together. I was happy with the overall package..however, I wish I could have had a bigger variety of B-Roll. I was limited for time making it impossible to attend and shoot some of the interesting events that took place.

Working on my package up until air time was a difficult task when I had yet to anchor. I had no time to review any of my script. It wasn’t till it was showing up in the telepromter was I aware of what the story was. That made me nervous. I found myself stumble and mess up more than before just because everything was fresh and new to me. The teleprompter also spaced out a lot and scripts weren’t available in front of us. It was hard to talk about the story when you were unsure what it entailed.

This was the second time that I’ve done a package on the same day I anchored. I think I’ve learned from the past two times that it’s best to slow down because it’s still the beginning. I’m going to try and avoid doing both at the same time so all my focus is on the once specific thing while I’m still learning. From there I’ll be able to work harder on every aspect and take more out of it. I won’t constantly be rushing and not getting the final presentation I want.

As I’ve learned so much so far…I can hardly wait for what is still ahead of me.


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