Just some industry issues…

Is the Web video just the same as what’s on your TV?

I found my first article “Is your Web video mostly just repurposed TV?” on NewsLab. It was an interesting find because of the way our news media is converging to an online audience. Most of what I view from online news websites is the exact clips from the original newscast being cut and uploaded online. This article takes it to another level stating NBC’s reasoning to change things up. I thought this was a great idea from NBC because they are realizing how important their online audience really is. The only time I really watch news clips online is because I want to re-view them, share it, or watch it because I missed it the first time. It would be nice though to see some new media uploaded though instead of the left overs from the morning, afternoon or nightly show. It’s getting to the point where some people don’t own TV’s for watching anymore. They spend most of their time on a monitor online streaming or an iPad. Some people also don’t like watching the entire newscast just to catch one story that they are interested in. However, that is the main goal of broadcasters in general…to bring in an audience. But the world is changing and the media is having to make changes. I think that NBC being one of the first to do this will set a big standard for others to change. NBC has the right idea by providing more content for the online viewers. Things will never stop changing, you just have to move with it to survive. Future journalists should care about this issue because this may be how things will be when they go to get a job. They will have to know how to work for that type of medium. That is what will set them apart from the rest.

I've seen this many of times and it never fails to get old.

I’ve seen this many of times and it never fails to get old. This was posted moments after NEIL ARMSTRONG died on NBC. It was left up for only a few minutes, but still caught.

How can reporters become better self editors?

Along with doing Super Semester, I’m also the Entertainment editor for the Legacy newspaper. That’s why finding my second article on “How reporters can become better self editors” stuck out to me from Poynter. Online posting, as well as writing for television news is so much different from writing for print. In print you have a bit of time to re-read over your story so that grammar mistakes or anything is picked up before being published. However, with writing online, you’re sometimes pressed for time. If it’s a breaking story, you want to be one of the first news stations to report on it. The same breaking news ideas remain the same even when it comes to the online medium. If you’re the first to get it out…people will recognize. I think this was a good article for editors who work on the online medium. There are tips to still write fast but still get the right information out without mistakes. There are many times I catch grammar or big mistakes while viewing things online because they were rushed to get it on the web and failed to look over it more than once. As the industry keeps progressing, I think this is a good thing that any web person should work on. People aren’t going to want to come and read your news if you’re constantly making mistakes.


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