Second times the charm…

my newscast

View from my chair in the control room. Here I’m going to start timing my show before it gave out on me.

I completed that my second day’s my thoughts:

Air Date: 02/27/2013

Biggest stories:
1. Sequester
2. Career Fair
3. Harlem Shake

What went right:
1. I stayed calm throughout the day.
2. No one was running behind on their VO-SOT’s or Packages.
3. My writers had their stories done before lunch.
4. Scripts and run-downs were printed before 3:15.
5. Packages and VO-SOT’s looked awesome.

What went wrong:
1. Some of the graphics in the George Altman package were backwards.
2. Sports was done at the last-minute so I wasn’t a fan of the graphics.
3. Adam didn’t take my weather tease and toss so things were a bit scattered.
4. The computer locked up 3 minutes in so I couldn’t time my exact time of the show.
5. I’m still learning on the correct way to tag graphics in the script.

What I’ll do differently next time:
1. Make sure all the graphics are USED and neat. I want to get to a point where there is no RDR’s in my newscast.
2. More interactions when it goes between talents. I thought it was a bit jumpy without the weather toss or a sports toss.
3. Learn how to actually time the show and have it meet the right time.
4. Have no mistakes in any of my graphics.

Advice to others:
1. Always stay calm. I hated producing my first time. After this one though, I actually had fun. It’s nice to see your final project come together. You get a great deal of accomplishment.
2. Never feel like everything is done. There will always be something your missing.
3. Get a lot done before you go to lunch. It helps a lot. That way when you get back, you’re just running around to see what still needs to be finished.
4. Communicate with the director on how you want things to look. I feel as if they do what they want because they are unsure on how YOU want it.
5. BE PROUD. It’s really fulfilling to accomplish a big role such as producing. The entire newscast depends on you.


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