Here We Go Again…

The sixth week of spring’s Super Semester is coming to an end on Friday. It’s quite crazy because I feel like just yesterday I was standing in the cold studio of LUTV for our first group picture. Where has the time gone?

Next week I’ll be signing up for classes for fall. Being so busy this semester has really made time fly by so fast. I love super semester, I truly do. However, I will really enjoy my Spring Break coming up. I need some time to collect and come back rejuvenated.

This week has been a pretty un-eventful week for me. I’ve managed to set up times for interviews for a few packages that I’m working on as well as write a bunch of stories for my writing lab days. Brett came across a breaking news story on jet’s emergency landing at Lambert airport on Monday through Twitter. Although, we were unable to catch video, I got to write the story and also wrap around it. I thought Brett did an excellent job that day by staying up to date on news through social media sites. That is one of the biggest things I love about this new age in journalism. He caught the story before it hit the wire and made sure that it was wrote and added to the rundown. Adding a talent to wrap around the story gave it an extra feel too, considering things like that don’t happen everyday.

Got myself a nice sticker collection going on....

Got myself a nice sticker collection going on….

While I spent most of my week writing, I feel a bit more confident in it all. Jill decided to go old-school elementary on us and give us stickers every time we had “spun” our story before she checked it. I don’t care if I’m days away from pushing 21 years old, a sticker is a sticker…and I’m all about stickers. I must say, best addition to super semester thus far. Don’t consider this bragging, but I’m proud that I received the first sticker…and it was gold. My stories have improved so much since the first day and I finally feel confident that I’m getting the hang of writing for broadcast news. It’s simple and fun. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

If it was anyone but Alex who wrote this, I would be upset...I love cats.

If it was anyone but Alex who wrote this, I would be upset…I love cats.

I produced for about an hour on Wednesday as well. I totally just gave up and quit…kidding. I filled in for Alex while he went on a job interview real quick. There was nothing to big because he got a lot done before he left (good job Alex). I helped make sure that his graphics were in place and things that were offline were making their way online. That same day, Brittany had a package on a 37 pound cat. Alex wasn’t the best when it came to teasing that frisky feline, so I had some good laughs while waiting for his return. I was super impressed with Brittany’s package though. As I’m learning so much, I hope by the time I’m on my fourth package mine will start to look as good as hers. As I’m starting to get wore out, that was just the right inspiration I needed though.

And again......

And again……

I’m looking forward to a restful weekend and starting all over again next week. I never know what to expect with Super Semester. I like to plan, however, I’m actually enjoying the unknown.


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