Time For Another Blog Log

It’s coming down to only a few days left till Spring Break. Although, I’ve enjoyed my Super Semester so much, I’m ready to kick back, relax myself and come back better than ever.

The past two weeks have been busy but not in the sense of packages. I spent my fourth time producing on March 20th and I was the first to do so. I feel as if I’m ahead of others when it comes to web editing and producing, which is awesome, but I’m looking forward to others having to step in to complete their turns. By doing so, I’ll be able to focus on what I truly love; reporting. In fact, the Lindy awards are tonight (March 21rst) and I’m shooting my third package of the semester. I’m really excited. I’ve never been able to attend the Lindy’s and I entered a good amount of stuff so I’m curious if I’ll win anything. If I don’t, I won’t be upset. Some of my best work came from after the Lindy applications were due, so I’m impressed with how skilled I’ve gotten since then. That’s an accomplishment by itself. Plus I’m big into entertainment and the night offers all of that so it’s going to be exciting just to cover.

One thing I’m super impressed with is my third time producing. I produced on the same exact day that a new pope was elected. I worked really hard to have only a few readers and I ended up with only two. There was so much video in the whole entire newscast. I was super happy and Jill was impressed with it as well. I’m getting better at producing and managing my time but I don’t believe I will ever want to make a living out of it. It’s extremely stressful and I take a lot of pride in my work so when one little thing happens, I shoot myself down for it. I honestly don’t know producers make it in the real world. I feel as if I would be a walking, talking, anxiety attack everyday.

I’ll also be shooting another package over the weekend over the Trash Bash. There is three locations that it’s being held at but I’m going to participate in the one at Creve Couer lake. Not only am I going to be reporting, I’m also going to be able to partake so that will look nice for my stand-up. I’m really looking forward to being creative in my stand-up. That is the best part of stand-ups and live teases.

Killian and I anchoring together on a Friday newscast. So much fun!

Killian and I anchoring together on a Friday newscast. So much fun!

Next week, I also get to anchor with my best friend Brittany Velasco. I’m excited to see our on air personality together. I’ve noticed that anchors who are really comfortable and friends with each other work better together at the desk. Last week, Killian and I anchored together and we did a really good job just because we were so comfortable with each other.

Although I’m ready for a break, I’m also ready to see what the last few days throw at me. It’s always something new to expect in Super Semester and that is the best and most exciting part. Until next time.


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