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How journalists can use location-based applications as a reporting tool

An iPhone showcases the wonderful world of Instagram,

An iPhone showcases the wonderful world of Instagram,

This article I found on Poynter was an excellent article when it comes to journalists using applications to find out about news. The world of technology now a days allows anyone to check themselves in and view news so easily. I’ve actually always thought by checking or allowing my location services to show up was a bit creepy. I like to keep my privacy still private and I had  a hard time when smart phones first always made that public. Reading this article changed my mind a bit though. I try to keep up on journalistic applications but this was the first time I heard about any of these. I downloaded the Banjo app and I was actually impressed on how much I found out. Not everything is newsworthy but it’s a nice app to track and see what is actually going on around the area. The quote from Andy Stettler in the article was really interesting though. He said that by using Banjo he checked into the local stations and reported that what they were reporting on the instances weren’t true. My question is though, how is the application right? Or how was the news stations collecting their data of news that it was wrong? Here I am thinking that the access to people’s location is creepy, but in fact it has a reasoning. As I’ll continue to follow-up on the applications, I’ll also track to see if news media start to use this application to get “correct” information.

10 questions to answer before you join another Social Network

Considering the world of social media is so big … I found this article by Media Shift  super interesting when it came to deciding on joining another site or not. Everyday new sites are created, but are they worth using? People use Facebook as a way to connect with friends but did you know that it also helps when learning about news events. People can find out things that are happening by the location services and what their friends are talking about. When Instagram first started I was reliant to join just because it would be just another social media site I would find myself getting lost in. This article really made me think into, was it all worth it? When news companies are going out to report they should refer to these questions when joining new sites. It may seem like not that big of a deal to join all these sites, but it gets tedious. Spending all the times on useless sites that will not go anywhere really will take a tole on you. If you’re reporting on a site that no one follows, you’ll be missing out on getting your name out from being visible to people on sites that are big. Although it is a good idea to tune into as many social media sites as possible, it’s great to categorize down to the best of them.  I know I’m going to refer back to these questions when I think of joining any other site.


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