Fifth Time Producer

mel run down

Show Date: 4/22/2013

Three big stories: 
1. Boston update & local interview.
2. Clarksville flooding.

What went right:
1. Everything was completed and finished within fifteen minutes before the show went live.
2. Our cold SOT was finally done correctly in the newscast and it looked great.
3. Major stories were brought about in a way that was able to connect with our audience.
4. Everyone played a role and everything got done on time.
5. I was able to catch the misspelling of Brian Elliott’s name on the sports graphic before it went on air. I double checked them before but missed it. However, I caught it in the control room before it hit air waves.

What went wrong:
1. I would have liked to have zero readers, but that was impossible on some stories.
2. The anchors had a hard time adjusting to the weather toss and tease change. I’d like to try it out another time though.

Advice for the future:
1. Always stay calm.
2. Double check everything.
3. Make sure everyone stays on topic. If you have control, the newscast rill run smoothly.

As this is my fifth time producing and I only have one left. I”m having a fun time producing. After my first horrible time on a Friday, I never thought I would ever say that. However, I’ve gained the hang of it and my last three shows have been “A” material. I’m proud. Can’t wait to see what my last one will be like as well.


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