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Anchoring with my best friend, Brittany. I can't wait to see how far we both go.

Anchoring with my best friend, Brittany. I can’t wait to see how far we both go.

It’s coming down to the wire as the last couple of weeks of the semester are approaching. With the semester ending, that means no more Super Semester. Yay! (I’m totally kidding… I’m going to miss it). The next couple of weeks will be very stressful as I strive to finish my last writing labs, VO-SOT’s and even packages. Along with that, I have a demo reel that I still have to produce. I’ve started working on it, however, my best work has been found “offline”, so I will have to do some searching for it.

Working camera 3 while posing with my homies.

Working camera 3 while posing with my homies, Alex and Dave. It’s been a pleasure this semester getting to know more about those two sport fanatics.

These last couple of weeks I’ve finished my fifth time producing. April 22nd was the show date and I’m very proud. I’m getting the hang of producing and it’s turning out to be really fun. I never thought that I would like it, however, I’m very big on organizing and being in charge and that role does both. I’m curious as to how my last show will turn out. I’m excited for it though.

During this week, I’ve had the chance to anchor with my best friend Brittany. The first time we were scheduled to anchor together got ruined because of the snowstorm that we had. We were really bummed and so were our parents. However, Jill scheduled it so we could anchor together before the semester was over. During the day I was working on editing my Black & White Ball scholarship package and nothing was going my way. Every little bit of everything was going wrong when it came to editing, consolidating and even sending. I managed to get the package in on time but it definitely played a damper on my mood. I didn’t have much time to read over my script and for some reason I was really jittery and nervous. I stumbled over a lot and I was quite upset at myself when I went back and watched. However, I took notes and thoughts on which I can do better next time. I know that even if I’m upset, I can’t let that show on air. You truly can see how a person is and how they feel while watching them on TV.

One thing that I’m proud of is my writing. I’m getting a lot better at writing for broadcast. Although I’m still making some mistakes, I’m hoping I can get one perfect story without corrections before the semester is over. I’ve gotten fairly close with only a few minor corrections to fix. That’s a lot better than the beginning of the semester.

Thursday, I’ll be covering Mayim Bialik as she comes as a guest speaker to Lindenwood. I’m excited because I’ve done my research and she’s a very educated woman. She’s definitely fooled me wrong as an actress. Hopefully, I’ll have the package for Friday but since Jill is out-of-town I may ask to preview it and then cover the full package on Monday so I have Jill to double-check over everything. I’m also anchoring on Friday and I don’t want to be super rushed when it comes to air-time.

I’m excited for the next couple of weeks because I never have any idea what will unravel. However, I’m ready to be done. Bring it on summer break.


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