Coming to An End…

I’ve never thought the end of the year would come to an end. I will admit this has been one of the hardest semesters thus far in my college journey. Taking all major requirements besides one Gen-Ed, along with Super Semester was a lot. However, I learned so much. I can honestly say that I ate, slept and breathed journalism this past semester. Good thing I still love it.

The first thing we sought out to conquer this semester in Virtual 300 was publishing online. I know when you think of journalism, you think of words…but it MUCH more than that. We were required to use many various sites throughout the class such as: WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, TweetChat, Google Reader and even Google+. As we used these sites to publish our thoughts and work, we also used sites like: Meograph, Prezi, Slideshare and SoundCloud to make our work come alive and field to our digital audience. It’s amazing how many sites are out there that can do so much. It’s so thrilling.

A main concept of the class was how to be proficient while using social media for journalism standards. As there are many ways you can get lost in sharing your thoughts on Twitter, or pinning your favorite cat pictures on Pinterest, there are so many ways you can use social media to fuel, but also find out about news.

I found this article extremely interesting when dealing with the importance of social media. Not only is social media important when it comes to journalism but to businesses and the world itself. This is the digital age. If you want to make it, you must know how to keep up.

Throughout the class we learned how to keep up with the big dogs, as well as current industry trends. On my Twitter you’ll find different lists of great news outlets and sources. I was also looking back onto my work from the semester and found a post I wrote for Super Semester. At the time, the Vine app was just released and news organizations were saying it would become a great new hit. I let the app go for a while and recently picked it up to find that it used by MANY all over the social media sphere. It was nice to participate when it was first small and within a couple of months, see it blow up so fast. It’s unbelievable.

As I’ve had classes before that required me to incorporate multimedia into my work, this was the first class that fully challenged me. At times, I had a hard time keeping up because I was over my head in options I could provide. As I was used to being able to write a story and add a picture, I’ve learned from this class…that age of journalism is no longer acceptable. You have to go above and beyond to make your audience impressed. We don’t really realize how much multimedia we see daily. We’re so used to it. If we don’t see it, it’s plain jane and we aren’t interested. To be a journalist in this age, you have to think about everyone. If writing is what you first sought out to do and only that, this class has surely told you there will be no room for that. It was a major wake up call before hitting the actual real world.

Throughout the class, all our work was to be posted on a CMS (Contact Management System). This wasn’t the first time I used WordPress, but I was skeptical at first because I haven’t always been the biggest fan. I’ve learned a lot through my troubleshooting problems and now know how to post content in a presentable manner. Maybe I’ve come to like WordPress more because I had a better understanding of how to use it. This is a great place for a how-to on web-publishing on WordPress.

As I’m so ready for the semester to be over so I can finally enjoy the warm weather, I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished this semester. I inquired a new camera for my 21 birthday for my journalism love and I was super impressed with some of the shots that I gained for my stories. I’ve learned how much of a visual aspect is required in this digital age and I can’t wait to see where that will take me in the future. Thanks for an awesome class Jill.


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