Tips on Surviving the Infamous Class of Online Journalism

This past semester was quite the time for me. Balancing Super Semester, Online Journalism, working part time and even working on the Legacy… I’m glad to say the semester is finally over. However, all that hard work didn’t come at an easy price. Here are some tips that will help you conquering through Online Journalism with Jill Falk, or in shorter words, Virtual 300.

1. It’s all about the balance. Without it, you wont be able to conquer. Slow yourself down at times, you will get through.

beautiful things

2. Conduct the perfect story. Your first wont always be your best, but over the semester you will get better and you will be proud.

3. Know the purpose in blogging. It’s not just about being able to pass the class, it’s much more. In fact, it is the world of Online Journalism, know the reason and put it to good use and you’ll be able to conquer through the class perfectly.

4. Stay up to date on news stories. Always know what is going on. If you’re looking for something local in the St. Charles area, check out Patch at their events section or Google.

5. Keep Jill involved with your progress and stories. The best way to contact her is through Google+. If there is “+” next to your post that means she read it and approved. Chris Smith and Josh Geiger didn’t realize that for a long time this semester. LOL.

6. Stay involved on Twitter and make lists to keep up with news sources. HootSuite is also a great tool to stay connected to various news lists.

7. Know how to rock out an infographic. They aren’t the most exciting things to make because they do take time, but try different sites. You’ll be able to achieve what you planned when you play around.

8. One of the best things about this class and multimedia, is to tell a story through pictures. Use your photos as an impact, not just an assignment. That was my favorite part of this class.

9. So you want to be a journalist? If you’re in this class, you want to tell a story some how or some way. You are achieving to be a journalist and that is a beautiful thing.

10. Believe in yourself. The only person standing between you and failure is yourself. You can do it! But mostly, have fun!

As I’m only a student and I’m not fully qualified to say this list will truly help you survive, it is a start. Always remember with hard work and determination comes good things. It’s all what you make of it.


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