See You Later Keywords and Worthiness

life quotes that will make you think twice

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It’s not all about the keyword search

I had a hard time coming up with a topic to do my keyword search on at first. There is so many options to choose from, however, I wanted to do something that was inspiring. That is why I chose to search ‘life quotes’ and then followed it up with ‘life quotes that will make you think twice.’ As I’m drowning myself in homework lately and overwhelmed with life itself, I needed something for myself, as well as others as a pick up. I feel as if this something that it searched regularly and I also wanted to know the analytics that lie behind it.

As I first typed my short-tail keyword ‘life quotes’ into Google’s AdWords, I found a great amount of ad groups on the SERP page.

feeling lucky?

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Here I found things such as live life, quotes and sayings, best quotes, tattoos and even life insurance quotas. As some of these things had to do with my overall goal of achieving life quotes for inspiration, the search ended up with more things that I wasn’t quite looking for. However, when I typed my long-tail keyword ‘life quotes that will make you think twice’ into my search query, I found more of what I was actually looking for to begin with. As the amount of ad groups dropped from 40 to 18, I was then able to find inspiration. Some of the categories were similar to that I found while searching just ‘life quotes’, however, descriptions such as inspiration, success and everyday life appeared.

It was quite confusing when I first started using the Keywords Planner, however, I finally figured it all out and I was surprised at what I found out. Many of times I go to Google and just search something simple like ‘fall style’ and a billion of things come up that don’t directly deal with what I’m talking about. However, when I make my search more vague and be specific about the information I’m trying to achieve, I’ll have better results. I find that horrible though. Isn’t the point of a keyword search is to be able to search something by A SIMPLE KEYWORD? Through this exercise I found out that SERP really isn’t set up to provide for the user intent. It really in fact is sending you to the sites that direct the most traffic, give Google the best data and pay the bigger buck to be on top. And that is tragic.

Here we are using Google everyday to provide us information on what we’re wanting to see, however, it’s really only showing us the easy end of the stick and providing what we really want, pages and pages later. Glendon posted an article on our Google+ community showing that Google has gotten rid of the use of keyword data. This was an extremely crazy article and changes the mind of everything we thought we used Google for. I feel as if in a way I’ve been tricked. What are Google’s real intentions and if the basis of the website is now gone, where are we headed?

See you later Google?

As Google has always been my overall go-to search page, it totally makes me think twice about using other search engines. Maybe this change will cripple Google and take down the big daddy search engine once and for all. Who knows and only time will tell.

cya later google

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