Be About It, so Blog About It.

On Thursday, October 3rd, T.J. Kirgin came as  a guest speaker for Jill’s Geek it On class. As I was familiar with the business, located down on Main Street St. Charles, I learned so much more than the direct location spot. Leaving the class, even geekier than before.

So, who is T.J. Kirgin?

T.J. Kirgin speaks at Lindenwood University.

T.J. Kirgin and the shirt says it all.

T.J. Kirgin is the big shot behind an Inbound Media Marketing agency named AnchorSTL. Through a creative way, T.J. and his crew specialize in Media Buying and Brand Development. AnchorSTL is a certified HubSpot, meaning they are part of the inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, covert leads and close customers. Along with owning a successful company, graduating from Maryville University and a father to two children… T.J. Kirgin’s Google+ profile states he owns over 10 successful brands and yet still has hair. That’s a great achievement, if I do say so myself. To find out what Kirgin is saying, follow him on Twitter.

So, what’s important?

Owning a company and establishing yourself through a great SEO strategy is crucial. Kirgin offered the class many great thoughts of inspiration as we venture into our future, whether or not you build your own company or not. Here are some great of the advice I took out of his presentation:

  • We are no longer in the information age. The convergence of technology changes everything.
  1. Buyers rely on Search and Social for Research.
  2. There is no longer searching made simple.
  3. There is longer a need to add the location to your search.
    Antoine Dodson - They gon' find you.

    Photo Courtesy of QuickMeme.

    They know where you are. Just like Antoine Dodson, they gon’ find you.

  4. Answers and solutions are what is looked for.
  • Page title and/or blog title is crucial. It’s the way you stand out. Without it, you wont succeed.
  • You need to know your backlink profile. This is how you build yourself. Learn how to control it.
  • Bounce-rate is the most important thing to SEO. Google says, the perfect bounce rate is around 30%. Anything below or above isn’t good.
  • A blog launches a company. You have things to say, so build yourself or company on it.

How is AnchorSTL so successful?

All used together in Inbound Marketing Strategy:

  • Content brings them in.
  • Call to action leads them to.
  • Landing pages promote premium content.
  • Forms capture prospect data to CRM.
  • Customer persona list segmentation.
  • Leading nurturing.
  • Closed loop reporting.
Blogging is crucial.

Be about it, so blog about it.

Through Social Media, this is AnchorSTL’s way of doing things:

  • Get people “Talking about YOU”
  • Identify your VOICE (workshops)
  • Identify your THEME (marketing department)
  • CURATE Content
  • CREATE Content
  • Be funny, helpful, informative or engaging.
  • Entertain your fans and they will buy repeatedly.

Think about this…

The average Starbucks customer goes there over 18 times a month. That means, they’ve intrigued their customer and the customers worth is more than that of the $4 dollar coffee they buy each time. The customers worth is more than that of the daily coffee.

The great correlation…

All that Kirgin talked about, big words and all, directly relates to what we’re learning about in class. It was a great feeling and even a geek moment when Kirgin mentioned Google’s Hummingbird and I knew exactly what he was talking about. As go further into the semester and learn about the importance of SEO, it’s also important to know the correct way to market yourself or company as well. Also, staying up to date on the constant changes in SEO, is crucial.

I’m glad to have sat in on the opportunity to hear Kirgin speak. He was very inspirational and I took a lot out of it. Who knows? Even with a dream as a reporter, this could in tune be my job one day.


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