Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

On Thursday, Jill’s Geek it On class had the privilege to hear from another guest speaker. Dressed in a casual cardigan and jeans, the simple knowledge of how to make a million dollars was revealed to the class.

Who is the man behind the knowledge?

Derek Mabie speaks at Lindenwood University.

Photo courtesy of howdesign.com

Derek Mabie is the founder of Evolve Digital Labs. Evolve Digital Labs is a Search Engine Marketing Agency empowering customers through data and search. Although going to school for Marketing, Philosophy and Religion, Mabie uses none of the key aspects he went for. As Jill said Mabie’s knowledge and company helped shape our Geek it On class, it wasn’t until the information he shared made that truly sensible.

What makes Evolve so successful?

There are three concepts that put together Evolve’s process:

1. Audit. Before anyone, or even yourself should begin to develop a strategy, you should know what you’re doing. A great way to-do this is by creating business goals, objectives and even understanding the market. Once you have those goals you can start to build an effective strategy. Even Googling “How to do an SEO audit” like this, will offer a key to success.

When auditing, identify the primary customer, the market size, understand the competition, on-site analysis and cost of online market share.

2. Strategy. This is the meat of the process. Create strategies for: making the market selection, online customer path, acquisition mode (As Mabie refers, “a cool phrase for nerds”… it includes variables for market success, ideation) and metrics and dashboard (analytics). With all of this, there is no guess-work. You will know off the bat what you are going to do. With that, the likelihood of a swing and a miss is significantly reduced.

3. Growth. This is the end result that comes from creation, content deployment and paid media deployment. The less amount of effort you put into the first two things in the process, the less growth you’ll see. What does growth mean? $$$ bills and profits yo.

Mabie states his company thrives on this process and if companies can’t understand the cruciality of it all, then Evolve isn’t a good fit for them.

With that, who wants to be a millionaire?

As some believe (mostly those who don’t understand technology, no offense) believe Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. killed SEO, Mabie believes the opposite. “All those things didn’t kill SEO, they helped it.” Mabie says that research shows that the most successful companies have taken search and moved it as a top priority instead the low-man on the totem pole.

Roles in SEO: Creator and Analyst.

“You can either create assets or you can analyze it after someone creates it.” -Derek Mabie

Mabie also says there are dozens of jobs out there, however, those involve those who create assets or those who analyze them after someone creates them.

So they key to making millions? Become a data journalist. 

If you wanna make 1 million dollars in 10 years. Become the best Excel guru you can. If you can analyze data and understand it and you’re this            much creative, you’ll make millions. It’s what companies need. – Derek Mabie

How does this correlate to class?

The main concept is to know your role. Search is vital, it is engrained in how we live. As our Geek it On class has been learning all of the aspects of search, this is the key concept that ties the whole meaning together. As we now know it’s vital and we’re learning how to execute it, Jill’s Geek it On class is only setting us up for success. Giving us an advantage over others. SEO is only moving forward and we are the future.

Overall, it was a pleasure having Derek speak to our class. He’s a very knowledgeable guy and the best part? Entertainment.


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