Where a Company Needs More Than Tanning

The TAN Company

Photo Courtesy of Groupon.

Photo courtesy of Groupon.

A company known to over 12 states, The TAN Company, founded in 1994 in a city we know quite well, St. Louis. President, CEO and founder of the Tan Company, Todd Beckman visioned for healthy way to a glowing look at a “5-star” experience. At the age of 18, Beckman opened his first hair salon, where two years later he introduced tanning equipment. What grew as an “add-on” to a hair salon has sparked a new movement for the tanning industry and phenomenon to a profitable business. In current day, over 65 TAN Company’s exist in the United States. And the growth still continues.

Around St. Louis, the TAN Company holds the highest popularity among tanning salons. As their marketing strategy campaign appeals to the entire population interested in getting a perfect tan, because as said, “it’s where America tans.” As more and more locations have opened, Beckman’s vision to provide guests with a “5-star” experience has always remained number-one.

The Strategy

The map shows TAN Company's state locations throughout the United States.

The map shows TAN Company’s state locations throughout the United States.

As the TAN Company’s theme is to fit the American population, as the place where America tans, a globe resides in their logo to fully represent its mission. On all sites, products, etc. where the logo is located, TAN resides in full caps to show the company’s mission as well. The TAN Company’s website presents the best sun-kissed summer type of feel, despite whatever weather is being experienced all around. The main color scheme is gold, silver and blue providing the perfect beach feeling. The website is also very user-friendly as it provides a full navigation of links such as: locations, products, as well as careers.  A FAQ link also resides as it answers questions on the health risks of tanning, as well as, how to keep your tan from fading. The website is easy to navigate and also shows up clear on smart phones with same easy-to-use navigation.

However, the History and Franchise page seems to show old information. From a public blueprint found, the information listed on the website seems years old. The PDF shows in 2007 that the number of locations opened reach 74, where as the website lists 65. It’s 2013, what is the growth at now? As Beckman is pleased with his success, wouldn’t it be a good idea to share that success with everyone? His story is wonderful, however, it’s hidden and hard to find. If it were up to me, that information would be front-page worthy.

The Social Media End

The TAN Company is present on the major social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. The main Facebook page houses the information of the major store the TAN Company’s headquarters in Fenton, Missouri. Additional pages exist for select locations like that on St. Peters Parkway. St. Peters Parkway’s page offers comments from customers sharing their experience, as well as promotions going on at that specific TAN Company. However, as once an employee for the company, the presence on social media pages is held on the responsibility of the General Manager at that location, and what they wish to do with it. You’ll notice the location on Elm Street, miles away from Lindenwood is rarely updated. Also,one of the busiest stores in the whole franchise, located at Regency Plaza doesn’t even hold a page on Facebook. Twitter is run the same way as well. A main Twitter holds the information for the company, but it’s up to the locations to hold their own site. On rare occasions you’ll catch specific offers on Groupon, but it’s very rarely.

tan co logo

Photo courtesy of the TAN Company.

As social media is a huge thing in the current day, I feel as it something that the TAN Company is still lacking. There are so many sites out there like Pinterest and Instagram that they could be apart of, however, they are not. I think it’s something in the works, however, not something they’ve fully grasped upon yet.

You’ll notice most advertisement for the TAN Company is done through hand-outs, newspaper and radio ads and promoting at hot events. Such events include that like the Bull Float Trip and haunted attractions like CreepyWorld, The Darkness and the Lemp Brewery during Halloween time.

Even entering the word “tan” in on Google, the Tan Company appears later down on after the scroll. As viewed as the popular company it says it is, it should be farther up. Their use of a keyword strategy would play a huge role on their higher success rate on Google. However, when you type in their full name, a whole page exists to mainly them. They are on the right track, they just haven’t fully reached it yet.

As once working for the company, it’s a fact-able statement to say, it’s mainly the employees that promote the company on their own personal social media sites. The TAN Company is stuck in the old generation way of doing things and they are slowly edging their way to more success.

The Conclusion

As I still enjoy the experience offered from the TAN Company, this analysis made me realize how much work the company still needs. As I viewed it as the high-power company when it comes to tanning, I’ve seemed to now second guess that thought. Get a move on TAN Company.


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