Good-bye Geek, but not really..,

Photo Courtesy of the Examiner.

Photo Courtesy of the Examiner.

I’ve learned so much over the semester in Jill’s Geek it On Class. There were so many keywords before like SERP’s, “black hat” hackers as well as the real reason and definition behind SEO. I’m going to miss the class a lot, however, the insight I’ve taken out of it will only lead to great things in the future. Especially with knowledge that a lot of people lack in today’s society. I mean InBound Marketing holds a company on it, it has to be important enough.

So with finalizing the class, how will this content be useful in my future career? While debating if I want to work on the broadcast side or the print/internet side of journalism, (as my major allows for both) the overall way I decide to choose will always need this information. As I’m spending my winter break trying to build up my fashion website along with my personal website, knowing how to get ranked on Google and the do’s and don’ts will draw the line between me and those who believe they still have to pay Google a bunch of money to be featured. I also know that holding a Google+ page and being active, while promoting yourself, is another factor that determines your ranking. Google+ is the Twitter and Facebook of Google. If a presence isn’t held, trying to get seen on Google’s top pages of searches will be a slim picken’. Google really is the God of the internet, whether you like it or not, you must abide by what it wants. As horrible as that sounds. Especially because I’m not a fan of bullies.

Putting my career aside, I believe after this class, I’m  more digitally aware of what good the Internet can hold and also the evil. The individual presentations we did in class on various subjects helped me learn a lot of good about the Internet, but mostly the bad. It helped me become even more aware of the information sites get from us and the carelessness we don’t mind to give them. I now know, if I’m going to use a site and their going to use my information, freely for their better of their company, it sure as hell better be one good site. Like Pinterest and Twitter, I love those sites, they can use all the information they want from me. As long as they keep fueling my addiction.

Also, learning about things that are already out their like Screaming Frog and Google Analytics’ that can help your SEO presence makes me believe the importance that SEO really holds. When I first entered the class, I didn’t know ONE THING and I’m being very literal when I say that. I’ve learned to speak geek in the past few months that the geek Gods would be proud of. I really want to meet one so I can be like, hey look at me, I’m blonde, nerdy and smart.

As much as I hate to admit it, the final project of the class was my favorite. Even though I did hold trouble with part one and two. It was fun putting what I know to real life and helping someone else better their company and career. It’s nice learning something and teaching it to others, it’s a really beautiful aspect. I would assume this is the feeling teachers and professors get during their job. What a great high!

I can’t wait to put what I know into use over J-Term as I take the last class I ever can with Jill Falk. (I’m crying as I write this, just for thoughts) But, I’m looking forward to branding myself more through her PBandJterm class. As much as I can’t wait for a break, I’m looking forward to it come January.

With that, that’s all. Goodbye Geek, but not really…


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