A Step Into My World

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After having a well rested break and a snow day on the day we were to return back, I can fully say I’m well rested and ready for Jill’s 3 week course of PBandJterm.

World of PBandJterm

For the first assignment, we were asked to Google our names. I was pretty upset at what came about quite honestly. Last time I googled my name I popped up a lot, however, I haven’t stayed up to date on that and now I’m hardly found on Google’s front page. I first started off by entering my full name, Melissa Spears. Which in return showed no signs of yours truly being of any relevance. Then I googled myself by my nickname, Mel Spears, and from that my picture appeared on Google. However, that really was the only thing that appeared that I could be happy about. I tweet a lot and I write a lot and I wish my Twitter and my WordPress were also found. That is one thing I’m looking to change through this course.

World of the Great Perhaps


Loving my Lindy’s. Best Sports Package and Best Editorial Writing. 2013.

When it comes to my dream career, I’m still searching. I know things that I want to do, however, they are all across the board and I feel like I’m still being told I have to choose one path. However, if I could have one dream career, it would look like this… A morning news reporter/anchor for entertainment, (I’m an old fart and get tired when it hits 9 o’clock. Not a big night person because I really do still have a bed time) fashion blogger with a hit website, animal activist and breaking stories of the mistreatment of animals, along with working on design and social media for a newspaper or TV station. And still having time to end the day with some Pinterest recipe cooking and Criminal Minds. Sounds reasonable, right?

World of Inspiration

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily Times

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News

As far as who I look up to for inspiration? It’s simple but different. I don’t have a specific name to place, or a certain number count. My inspiration is the people who wake up everyday and put their lives at risk for the greater sake of humanity. Like journalists over-seas. I have no idea what is like to be in harsh conditions trying to report the news, as well as being in an area where you’re unwanted. Along with just being away from your family, your home. Yeah the news can be an annoying topic sometimes, spinning stories for publicity. However, its a beautiful thing as well. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so intrigued. Anyone who goes out of their way to tell the truth of a story, or someone who is fighting for our freedom has me inspired any day.

World of Expertise

When it comes to my areas of expertise, the internet is great deal of one of them. I belong to a lot of the hit social media accounts, as well as staying up to date on them. When it comes to newbies having questions, I can normally always help. Especially when it comes to fixing up your blog, I’m pretty good with HTML and CSS.

World…The Beautiful View…

Finishing my post, I’d like to share one thing that inspires me more than people, or objects. Words. I live my life by other peoples words as I correlate their wisdom into my own life. When I’m having a rough day, week, or a month, looking for quotes on Pinterest or reading other people’s blogs helps fuel me.

From my favorite book and author, this line of text means so much.

“Thomas Edison’s last words were ‘It’s very beautiful over there’. I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful.”
― John Green, ‘Looking for Alaska’

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

As stated in text above, I have no idea what my dream career consists (because I’m pretty sure those all can’t combine) however, I know wherever I stumble, I’ll make the most of it.


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