That’s A Wrap…Week One

Finalizing up the first week of PBandJterm, and more importantly, I survived my first week of the last class I’ll ever take with Jill Falk. Graduation year is getting so surreal.

I’ve learned a lot this week, mostly about what personal branding is and more importantly, what direction I want my brand to go in.

What Did I Enjoy?

During our in class assignment, we were asked to answer the five questions and from there, do a “speed-dating” exercise and hear from everyone in the class on what their answers to the five questions were. It was very inspiring. A lot of people in the class I already knew, however a lot I did not know. It was nice to open up to others and share and laugh about our life. It was even more exciting to get personal with the people I already knew. I felt like I learned so much more about them from this exercise and began looking at them in a different light. The one other than “hey, you’re my classmate… ugh, professor Grizwald is so rude!”

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, of course.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, of course.

I’ve also loved being able to use Pinterest. It’s my favorite social media outlet. It’s been nice to use and also share and help others with it. I’ve learned that I’m also a Pinterest addict.

One of my favorite activities of the week was updating my Twitter bio and profile. I love how Jill shared a great list of people with professional bios. At first I was skeptical because I really liked mine and I felt it reflected me great, however, it told nothing about what I’ve done. When we first started the assignment, I thought I was going to have to change it something so public relations type that made me sound like a clean-cut professional and that’s not me at all. However, I noticed that not all the people on the list were stick to the point. Some were humorous and those I liked. I like funny. And I want my viewers to see me as funny as well. As my new bio isn’t a SNL skit, it gets to the point of who I am and what I do and I’m content at this very moment with it. I’m very stubborn at times and this is something I didn’t want to change. However, I’m glad Jill made us and suggested comments we could change about them. I think it will really help my professional image.

My Twitter Biography

“Journalism major at @LindenwoodU // News reporter & anchor at@lutvonline // Managing & Social Media editor at @lulegacy // Fashion blogger & Animal activist”

If you’re looking to re-do yours, here’s a great article to help you out.

Why Am I Inspired?

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

The second thing I really enjoyed was the mini-presentations about our personal brands. It was so much fun looking at old photographs and laughing and what I goofball I was. It made me really think about who I am and made me feel really inspired. I’m a country music buff and I was listening to “The Dash” by Scotty McCreery when I started on my project. His lyrics were inspiring to my project and I even featured some of the lyrics in my presentation. I want more than anything to leave a legacy behind and that’s the most important thing.

As we are presenting on Friday after these blogs are published, I’m really excited to see everyone’s presentations and see what they are all about. Especially in their younger years. I also can’t wait for what next week awaits. I’ve had so much fun in the class thus far. It’s been one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken at Lindenwood University, and that speaks a lot.

Until next week!


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