Kitten Killer of a Week


If I could give one world for my PBandJterm experience thus far, that would be it. I’ve loved everyone of Jill Falk’s classes I’ve taken, but this is by far my favorite.

As the week is finished and only 4 more days of PBandJterm remain *cue sniffling and crying kittens*, I can’t wait to take my knowledge and attribute it to working on my own personal brand.

I know the thought of the final project had some of my classmates in the “ugh” moan. However, I was the opposite. After this blog post, I plan on, planning out what I want for my own personal brand, my niche. From that, I’m going to actually make this work. Forget the “I’ll do it tomorrows” like I’ve done for a year now. I’m very inspired right now and that’s the fuel I need to get me going. As I’m not going to share what those plans are right now, you’ll just have to wait and find out.

This Week in PBandJterm

Screenshot from my DM with Danielle Smith

Screenshot from my DM with Danielle Smith

This week however, was nothing short of exciting. We gave presentations on a ‘Brand You Should Know’ from a list of picks Jill suggested, along with others we thought were worthy. My lucky choice was Danielle Smith. At first, I was a little leery of reaching out to her because I thought she wouldn’t have the time for my questions. However, that wasn’t the case at all. I reached out to her and she began following me and we were having a DM chat, as she gave me inspirational advice for my classmates, but also for my own personal career. She is a genuine humble individual and I’m so grateful for her taking the time to speak with me.

sarah evans

Yes, I’m still geekin’ right now

Along with my own private chat, I got a follow from Sarah Evans (no, not the country star, but she is even cooler). She is a great individual who uses her personal brand to help innovate others. I love following her and I’m so happy she took the time out to follow the little shimmerette. These brands preach about engaging with their followers, but when it happens to you, you really do reach that moment of “OMFG A VERIFIED ACCOUNT IS FOLLOWING ME” and in all reality, you do shit your pants. If I can take anything besides all the usefulness I’ve learned from these brands, I’ll say, engaging with your followers is the biggest. Without them, you’re nothing.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Scott. Via: shimmerette

Oh you know, just hanging out with Scott. Via: shimmerette

However, the greatest moment of the class came from our Google Hangout chat with Scott Stratten. I’ll be honest, I had no idea who he was until this class, however, the dude is great. His philosophy on things is exactly how I feel most of the time. I’m so grateful he took time out of his Canadian day to talk with us (and I’m not talking baby talk with us, we’re talking full depth inspiration here). It was so inspiring. I’m also grateful he is sending our class stickers along with books to check out and read. Greatest thing about his chat, he challenged me, yet he had no idea of it.

Challenge Accepted

@UnMarketing tweeted over 7,000 tweets in 30 days. What I’m saying is though, I can do more. Challenge on!

(PS Scott: If you are by chance reading this, If I succeed, I would like a box of “QR CODES KILL KITTENS”. Because one, like you, I hate those damn things. And two, I’m all about saving the kittens.)


Along with famous people following me, I also had the chance to listen to Jenn Cloud speak. However, you’ll find out more about that in my next blog post.

As I’m sad there is only one week of PBandJterm left, I can’t wait to see what awaits. Until next time….


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