A Collection of Inspiration by Jess Leitch

As I was unable to attend class on Monday when Jess Leitch embarked us with her presence, I was however, able to gather notes from a fellow classmate (thanks Ry), as well as following along the Twitter feed that was filled with PBandJterm. Upset because I’ve loved Jess’s blog BEFORE this class, but also because she offered great insight, along with bringing donuts from one of my favorite St. Louis shops, Strange Donuts. (For those who don’t know, they have the best vegan dones, along with other great donuts) However, there is valuable information we can learn from that city in a jar.

Who Is Jess Leitch?

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Jess Leitch is young blogger who grew up in England, currently living in the city of STL and graduated from Lindenwood University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Along with maintaining her personal blog, City in a Jar, Jess works for Alive Magazine as the Community Manager. Jess has held jobs at Switch, Studio 3 Magazine, as well as Emmis Communications before landing her job at Alive. Jess is also a Senior Board Member for the Social Media Club of St. Louis. Just like Jenn Cloud, Jess applied to be a Young & Free spokester as well, but didn’t have as much luck. As her LinkedIn profile provides great credibility of hard work and determination, Jess is still uncertain with what she actually wants to do. Like us, Jess survived Jill’s PBandJterm class, but with very much reluctance.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

No Blog is a Little Blog

These were the great wise words of Jess Leitch herself. Now running a successful blog, Jess wasn’t the greatest fan of Jill’s 500 minimum post limit. Jess considered her blogs to be filled with pictures and creative content, other than an array of words. Forced to do it in Jill’s class, with a dislike, a personal blog isn’t something you would expect from her, however, she’s grown a life to it, as she is now in control of the minimum.

Photo Courtesy of City In a Jar

Photo Courtesy of City In a Jar

As Jess offers advice to us future bloggers, she does make us aware that “blogging takes time.” As her blog was the reasoning behind being hired at Switch (years after it first launched), she creates a perfect example of doing what you love and creating about what you love will brand you success.

Original Content is Key

Jess Leitch won Best Personal Blog in 2012 by the RFT and Clique Web Awards // Photo Courtesy of City in a Jar

Jess Leitch won Best Personal Blog in 2012 by the RFT and Clique Web Awards  // Photo Courtesy of City in a Jar

One thing Jess addressed during her time was the ability and want to create your own personal content. When Jess first started out, she would use images from Pinterest, but she later found out that creating your own is what will make you stand out and be original. As Jess doesn’t fall into societies do’s and don’ts through her fashion, lifestyle and even transportation ways, she’s been able to create a successful blog on just who she is as a person, without taking others content. As she still looks to other blogs for quick reads or inspiration, she has successful built a brand of herself online.

What to Take Away From Jess

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Force Yourself. If blogging is something you love, then do it. Even if it means staying up late on Sunday evening. If it’s what you love, you’ll want to blog, or create content. It just becomes you.

Be Friendly. Through City in a Jar, Jess was able to land her friends jobs just through their picture taking. As her blog is filled with pictures, her friends are those to add to her success ladder. Help your friends as they help you.

Have An Idea. Just by “having an idea and you can put structure in it, then it flows pretty naturally.” Even if your niche is common around the bloggosphere, having your own spin and idea is what will set you apart.

Say Yes. Jess says most of her success comes from her ability to say yes. “Just saying yes is the best thing you can do for trying anything.” Without the ability to try, you wont succeed.

And Most Importantly, Take Jill’s Teachings and Run With Them. Take what Jill Falk has to say and soak it up and then create your own spin with it. Something that doesn’t always involve a 500 minimum blog post.


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