The Story of a Cloud

Last Friday, my PBandJterm class had the pleasure of Jenn Cloud’s presence as she shared success into the world of personal branding. Her time left lots to think about, along with great advice. Perfect to write a blog about.

Who is Jenn Cloud?

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Jenn Cloud is an STL native who graduated from Missouri Baptist University, held several jobs, won a contest, lover of cats and now owns a freelance online marketing and video production business. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has a background working on social media strategy and management, which fits perfectly for what were learning and trying to achieve.

We’re All Made of Stories

One thing Jenn addressed in her visit along with her presentation to accompany it, was the point, we’re all made of stories. That stuck out to me very much because it lies with so much truth. Through personal branding, you tell your story. As she spent time pointing upon embarrassing moments that happened to her, we were able as a class to get a sense of her personal brand. The quirky, energetic individual whose good at what she does and loves social media. She also addressed that stories don’t all happen at one time. They happen over a period of time, adding to your personal brand.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

One of the biggest things that has led to her all-over success was the ability to stay fearless. Jenn said, “If something makes you a little nervous, do it!” And she is totally right. No one has ever gotten anywhere without breaking outside of their comfort zone and doing something that makes them a little un-easy. I think that’s a good thing to apply to building your personal brand. Along with facing a fear, you also have a great story to tell. So all over it’s a winning point.

Main Points to Learn from Jenn

Photo Courtesy of River Front Times

Photo Courtesy of River Front Times

What is going on online is just as relevant as what is going on in real life. A lot of people have the misconception that spending so much time around social media will replace what is going on around you (which I can honestly say I’m very guilty of) however, online feeds just as much news as the TV outlet does, if not more. You also have the ability to interact with friends, but also people you don’t know. If you’re afraid to meet new people in person, you can connect with them online. I’m not saying to be dependable on your online life and forget about what’s going on outside of it. However, Jenn had a point when she said a balance will lead to success.

Suck it up like a sponge. Everything you’re learning in college, or through videos, or whatever..take it in. She said the more you know, the more you stand out. Everything changes constantly so stay up to date with it constantly as well.

Consistency across channels. This was one of the greatest points that stuck with me. Jenn said it’s good to have a consistency of everything across all your channels. For example, your avatar. I had no idea that you should try and keep the same on all outlets, that way you’re also easily searchable. Along with bios. That is something I’m going to have to work on because I like writing different ones on each outlets.

Photo Courtesy of Dirty Deeds

Photo Courtesy of Dirty Deeds

Make them love you. This is also a good note to take away. Another way to finding success when building your personal brand is by making people love you. Jenn is quirky and opinionated, but she also has a compassionate side by her Dirty Deeds, along with supporting shelters like Tenth Life Cats. This allows you to show off your personality but also make a connection with everyone and their likes as well.

We can’t do this without each other. The biggest term when it comes to personal branding. Connect and engage, along with learning from others and you’ll understand the concept.

Blog. Blog. Blog. And that goes without saying.

Along with an informative afternoon of advice, I’ve also become obsessed with a new blog. Thanks Jenn!


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