Digital Integrity with Marisa Lather

As I’ve met Marisa beforehand through Brittany Velasco, I was excited to see her name on the guest speaker panel list. Knowing her love for fashion, photography, music and St. Louis, it was also nice to get a sense of what her professional life consists of. Along with learning more about Marisa, great advice followed with how to contain a good image with your personal brand online.

Who is Marisa Lather?

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Marisa Lather currently resides in Soulard where she does Marketing and Social Media for Microgrid Solar. She attended SIU Carbondale where she was an English major. Along with her work at Microgrid, Marisa works on the side as a personal Social Media Consultant for marketing companies. To keep time for her job and what she loves, she keeps her customer base small and from there, by referal. However, by what she does, Marisa offers great inspiration and advice on what to post on the internet and what not, along with steps to making it a success. Along with her work in social media and helping others prosper, Marisa enjoys fashion blogging with the knowledge she knows and has attended St. Louis Fashion Week because of.

Notice the Professionalism

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Marisa walked into our classroom with a professional red blazer and grey suit pants, vibing the professionalism she aimed to teach us through her presentation “Digital Integrity in Personal Branding”.

As an English major in college, Marisa said she first got started in world of social media just by belonging to various sites. Through a bunch of webinars, showing how to be successful, along with the psychology of it. Marisa is very interested in the psychology aspect of social media and why people do what they do, such as clicking on that link and that background that goes into it. She follows up on social media statistics. As most of today’s society believes that SnapChat was created for quick sexting, Marisa shared a statistic and sense that, that, isn’t really the case. In fact, most users of SnapChat use it because they are aware of having a digital footprint and this is a way to get around that.

Don’t Post Something Just to Post Something

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Along with statistics, Marisa shared great advice for us to take out and thrive our personal brand.

Context. When you post a photo, explain the photo. Either that’s with text over the photo or a tagline. Some photos can be taken out of context and an unsurity of where your brand is trying to lead could be questionable.

Choose a Good Username. You want something that will explain your personal self, but also add your own touch. Just like @VogueRhythm, for her love of social media, fashion and music.

Have a Well Written Biography. Self explainatory, along with adding a website to back up your credibility. Use professional head shot or logo. Add name in the title of appropriate photos.

You Have to Give, To Get. Marisa stated she’s very friendly with her followers because you can’t get anywhere without them. She also notes most of her success on Instagram has come from her ability to follow anyone interesting, along with creating a connection with them.

Audit All Your Accounts. Every few months, audit your accounts to make sure there is nothing you don’t want posted showing up.

Set Up Google Alerts. By setting up alerts, you can get notifications when something is posted about you or your mentioned. That way you’re aware of what is happening with your name.

Post Winning Moments. Anything good that happens to you when it comes to your professional image, post. Those things can include accomplishments, awards, special skills, volunteer opportunities. Show you’re a well rounded person.

Posted in the St. Louis Business Journal // Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Posted in the St. Louis Business Journal // Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Use Integration, but Don’t Rely On It. Marisa said she likes using Instagram because it easily makes it available to post straight to Twitter, or Tumblr. However, she recommends using integration but not relying on it. You have to know how to use all outlets to their entirety, not just their shortcuts.

Everything you put out about yourself is going to be your brand. Be smart! If you can’t explain it to your grandma, don’t post it.


As Marisa is in the process of changing aspects of her fashion blog, she noted specific sites such as Post Joint, Sponsored Review, BZZAgent, and Influenster to send your blog to and get it out there and start gaining a follower base. As I’m already a member of Influenster, I highly recommend it myself as well.

I’d like to throughly thank Marisa for her time and traveling through city streets in the snow and ice to speak with us. I took a lot out of your advice.


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